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Hey. I'm James. That's me in the photo half-posing for the shot, half-playing, half-holding-on-for-dear-life with my sister and her 3 kids.

A challenging childhood

I guess all childhoods have their difficulties and mine was no different. 

I was brought up in a dangerous area of London known for it's gang crime and violence. Growing up, I remember there always being some kind of danger nearby.  

When I was two years old my dad was convicted of polygamy (He had 5 wife's at the same time. How he had the time I can't even fathom!).

In my pre-teen years I was unfortunate to experience some deeply traumatic experiences that it's best I don't mention here. I soon quite naturally became involved in vandalism, hooliganism, theft, other various crimes, and eventually drugs and alcohol for many years.

Looking back it seems I was simply doing anything I could to escape being with myself just as I am as it was just too painful. I went to extreme measures to be able to feel something. Looking back now this life-style was most likely leading eventually to certain jail time or an early grave.  

The turning point

In 2007 something happened which would become a much needed turning point for me. 

First, I encountered a magazine lying on my girlfriends bed while she was at work. There were photos and inspirational quotes inside by a man called Daisaku Ikeda

I was instantly impressed by what I read. There was something simple and also special about the spirit in which each sentence was written. It was all about the art of living well, and each sentence was something that any person could do. (the quote above is a good example).

I found out later that this man who I had never heard of, and who none of my friends had ever heard of, is the only person in history to be awarded more than 300 honorary doctorates for his efforts towards peace! Everyone has heard of the other great people on the list such as the Dalai Lama (who has over 60), Maya Angelou (who has over 30), and holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel (who has over 100) but who is this man that nobody seems to have heard of who has more than any other person in history?! He obviously isn't in this for the fame!

He has also been awarded the UN peace award, and has written peace proposals to the UN and leaders around the world every year for 30 years. Former UN Under Secretary General of the UN, Ambassador Anwarul Choudhury wrote: "I know of no one who has highlighted the role and responsibility of the UN so consistently, relentlessly and substantively for such a long period of time".

Daisaku Ikeda is a philosopher but above all a man of action. It didn't take long to decide that this man is a man worth paying close attention to. He has become my primary mentor in life and I hope to respond to his great example and dedication towards world peace through my own individual empowerment and personal development.

Daisaku Ikeda is the president of SGI. An organisation of individuals who are each committed to promoting peace, culture, and life-long education. The members of SGI use a empowerment tool called Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

When I first tried this out, despite knowing nothing about it, simply by repeating these words over and over I gradually found myself feeling more and more energised. A kind of warm and fuzzy positive and influential energy arising from within my life. 

It's now significant part of my daily routine both morning and evening. Even just 10 or 20 minutes if I say the words clearly have a powerful influence on me and the direction I take each day. There have been times when I have felt such power and energy arise I haven't wanted to stop saying the words for hours. This simple action and the feelings that arise from doing it was enough, over time, for me to change my way of life one step at a time. 

It is by no means easy to establish a new habit regardless of how good it is for me. It is human nature that when we determine to do something highly positive that an equivalent resistance occurs. Just think about any time you have decided to start going to the gym and laziness and excuses begin to show up. Or you decide to start eating healthily and excuses pop up from nowhere.

Since this turning point in 2007 I have managed to fulfil my long cherished dream to start successful club nights with talented world-renowned DJ's, I had the opportunity to deliver leadership and communication training to youth MP's around the UK and manage a youth parliament, and managed to start this goal setting site. I'm starting to feel like anything is possible even with all the inevitable challenges life throws at us.

My hopes

I really want to help each person realise more of their capability. Each person has a vast expanse of untapped potential just waiting to discovered.

I want mum's out there like my mum, teenagers like the young MP's I worked with, young women like my sister and men and women everywhere like my friends to find their hidden potential and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Whether you are an experienced goal setter or a complete newbie I want to help you set goals that have a positive influence on you causing you to state and reach your dreams, over and over again.

Happy goal setting!


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Daisaku Ikeda quote  by BK. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. 

NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO by H. Michael Karshis. Attribution 2.0 Generic.